Start with the cloud hosting plan that fits you best. It`s a cloud after all

$ 5
  • 1 CPU
  • 512 mb RAM
  • 10 GB storage
$ 10
  • 1 CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB storage
$ 20
  • 2 CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB storage
$ 40
  • 4 CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB storage
$ 80
  • 8 CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 120 GB storage
$ 160
  • 16 CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 240 GB storage

As you might guess, our greatest desire is for you to grow


We have covered the whole chain in delivering an amazing experience with the Stackport Cloud. Fast and easy set-up, little, if any, downtime and top quality support.

Free backups

We provide free backups for every account - easily schedule, back up or restore any of your instances. Backups are located in an off-site location, ensuring their safety in any case.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Transportation, whether physical or virtual, is key to a company`s growth. With our virtual private servers you need not worry about bandwidth - it's free.

Free e-mail cluster

Free e-mail services for our clients to complement the range of our services. Combine that with the free DNS cluster and you now have all the tools to handle any type of traffic to your site, without setting up MTAs or DNS services yourself.

Reliable hardware

Our physical servers give us the freedom to provide high quality VPS which our customers value. Our servers are placed in various locations around the globe so we can meet any of your needs and provide physical isolation and separation of hardware.

Free DNS cluster

The Stackport cloud services include free access to our DNS cluster. Just set our DNS servers for your domain name, log in to our user-friendly DNS interface and start creating DNS records of any type.


We are always there for you. We realise that VPS are the back-bone of your operations and we take that seriously. Our support services are designed so that you can contact us for assistance at any given time, just like every other department in this company.


Learn more about the Stackport Cloud.


OpenStack based

The Stackport cloud is based on OpenStack software. It helped us build the tools needed so our customers can easily and quickly set up and manage their instances and concentrate on developing their product and service.

We harnessed the effort of an amazing community dedicated to assisting companies like ours to deliver a reliable infrastructure so the digital services can thrive.



How many times have you felt in full control? And more importantly how good did it feel? Using the Stackport Dashboard is quite easy and lets you set up your VPSes anyway you like. Be brave and organise your instances any way you deem best for you and your users. Our goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible.


Well documented

Great documentation is the key to locating the resolution to a problem. We give you all the information you might require in a curated way so you get right down to business.

You can visit our Documentation section at anytime and find answers to almost all of your questions regarding our cloud services.


Get to know us better

Stackport Ltd.

As you will soon find out, the Stackport business strategy is based on innovation, added value and diversification. The Stackport cloud hosting services are just the beginning of an endeavour to be a major provider of cloud-based tools (hosted services) which help businesses advance and deliver amazing products and services faster to their customers.

The Stackport cloud hosting is the foundation of our company on which we build the rest of our products and services. We have many products in our pipeline already, which will soon be presented to the world.

What we value

The Stackport team is made of professionals with tens of years of experience in the hosting services and software and business development fields. We have seen what clients value and what makes you mad. And we saw a market opportunity in it. Our goals are to:

  • make things easy for you
  • provide reliable service
  • latest technological advancements
  • transparent and clear relationship with our clients

The thing that brought this team together and started Stackport was a simple desire to build software that excites us and which we believe can be useful to others. Every member of our team joined with many ideas. Combining all the ideas, skills, commitment and great personality we are on the path (more of a highway actually :)) to deliver a large portfolio of cloud-hosted services and software which will allow our customers to develop and offer a new generation of products and services.

We work toward achieving all that and we are sure to succeed and grow because of it!

Our Clients

Cloud hosting and cloud-hosted services have applications in many industries and market segments, but every one of them has specific requirements. We thrive to cover all, but have started with the following:

  • Video streaming
  • Gaming industry
  • Mobile applications hositng

We take pride in our active communication with our customers. We have a company policy to reward clients who share their views with us and help us improve. We consider those individuals and companies much more than customers or partners, but friends.


Have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer support is always ready to help.

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