When users register they get access to the full potential of the Stackport cloud. In the dashboard you can manage every aspect of your instances the way you like it.

Just checking if people are really reading these. We put an effort in filtering the most relevant and frequently asked questions. And let`s face it our employees can be working on some of our exciting projects rather than writing answers no one is going to see :)

you can find that information and much more in our documentation page. In this particular case use the following link: Order another instance

Of course we do! :) You can find more information in our pricing section.

"Cost savings… elasticity…. scalability…. load “bursting”…. storage on demand…" as described in a great Forbes article about the cloud benefits. In essence a cloud hosting user uses as much as they need, any spike in traffic is met and it is far more reliable. Please read the article as it will allow you to gain better understanding in the subject and choose the right service for you :)